Counseling For Women

“There is peaceful, there is wild, I am both at the same time.”


Yin and Yang. That is the symbol I intentionally selected for my logo.  It represents balance.  Everything in life needs to be balanced. The Yin and Yang symbol illustrates two opposite sides that come together to form complete wholeness. Each side is incomplete without the other side.

I believe that emotional suffering stems from when people are unable to think in a balanced and flexible way.  We are not “one way or the other.” Our world is not “black or white.” Everything is about our perspective and where we choose to set our focus.  When our thinking and perspective becomes rigid we lose our balance and start to feel stuck, trapped, overwhelmed, and sometimes lost.

Being a woman is complicated and wild at times.  Women often suppress their own needs, wants, and desires in order to please others and in order to feel loved and wanted.  As a result, many women feel a sense of emptiness or incompleteness. I hear frequently from women that they  “don’t know who they are” or they “don’t know want they want in life.” Deep down, there is frequently an underlying belief of not being “good enough” or “lovable” just the way they are.

Through counseling, I want to change your relationship with the core feelings and beliefs that are holding you back. I believe that women are intrinsic in helping to heal the earth. They have the capacity for deep intuition, creativity, and they nurture and heal.  They have the capacity for feeling and expressing emotion, exuding sensuality, and instilling love. They are also creators and have the capacity to bring souls into the world to experience the physical body.  A women’s mental health and well-being are very important. 

I want women to be able to embrace all of their attributes and gifts, to be confident in expressing their uniqueness,  and to be in tune with and follow their dreams. If you are ready to feel better and experience positive life changes, then I am here to help.

I proudly provide counseling services at my office located in Columbia MD (very close to Ellicott City, Clarksville, Fulton, and Olney, MD) and to clients in the Greater Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Howard County area.

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