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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has become a very popular topic of discussion and research over recent years.  What exactly is Mindfulness?  Simply put, Mindfulness is the act of paying attention on purpose.  It involves being in the present moment and noticing what is happening in that moment internally without any judgment. Or, in other words, it involves the self-regulation of our attention so that we can be aware of our current experience in the present moment.


Why Mindfulness?

Most of us do not live “in the moment” and we lack awareness. Many of us spend so much time dwelling on events in the past or thinking about and planning for the future.  Our lack of awareness in the present moment often leads us feeling discontent and unfulfilled in our lives.  When we are not aware of our thoughts and moods then we are more likely to react in impulsive ways or to take things more personally.  When we are unaware of how we are feeling then we might carry stress and tension in our bodies without realizing it which can lead to health issues.  And, when we lack awareness, then we often miss out on the pleasant moments and experiences in life that bring us joy and happiness.  We are only truly living in this moment.  And, when we are aware of our experience in the present moment, we often realize that this moment is not so bad and we tend to feel better.


Mindfulness Research & Neuroplasticity

There has been a lot of research on Mindfulness and how it improves mental and physical health.  Research consistently shows that Mindfulness helps with the reduction of anxiety, depression, pain, coping with health-related illnesses, and sleep. There is also an emerging field that has been creating great excitement for mental health professionals and neuroscientists that involving a process called Neuroplasticity which in simple terms describes how the brain can be rewired based on our experiences.  Research has been showing that experienced meditators have greater volumes of cells in the prefrontal cortex an area of the brain that is responsible for emotional regulation (Luders, Toga, Lepore, & Gaser, 2009).  Research is also showing we are all capable of rewiring our brains. After all, our brain is a muscle and when we practice using our brain in different ways we can change the way we think and feel.





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