Mindfulness for Beginners: What You Will Learn


My Mindfulness for Beginners class consists of 6 classes with two optional bonus classes.
All classes are taught in Columbia, MD.

Below is a list of what each class will cover:

Class 1: An Introduction to Mindfulness: In this class, you will learn about Mindfulness and it’s relationship to kindness and compassion. We will also do some mindfulness practices so that you can experience what it feels like to be “in the moment.”

Class 2: Being In The Moment: In this class, we will focus on what it means to stay with your experiences in the present moment.  We will discuss how the mind works and how even though the mind is trying to be helpful that it often causes a lot suffering for us.  We will do some mindfulness practices to reinforce the concepts being taught in class.

Class 3: Working With Our Thoughts: In this class, we will go into more depth about the way our minds work. We will learn about the ways in which our mind generates thoughts and we will learn how to create distance from these thoughts allowing us to see the greater picture. We will practice mindfulness techniques to help us observe our thoughts, sensations, and emotions without becoming lost in them.

Class 4: Love and Kindness are Key: In this class, we will learn about and experience the concept of loving-kindness.  Learning how to pay attention to our thoughts are important but much of the way we feel has to do with how we see our experiences. Developing a more open and accepting stance with ourselves and others makes a huge difference in the level of happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

Class 5: Willingness to Accept What Is: In this class, we will learn about how we resist experiences when they are unpleasant but that all experiences whether unpleasant or pleasant are a part of the universal human experience. Pain and suffering are inevitable and we can’t just have pleasant experiences all of the time. We will learn how to work with our resistance and how to observe this layer of our experience without “becoming hooked.”  This can dramatically reduce stress and pain in our lives.

Class 6: Deepening Your Practice and Moving Forward: In this class, you will practice more mindfulness techniques, deepen your understanding of Loving-Kindness, and learn how to deepen your practice and how to continue with your practice.

Optional Class 7: Developing Self-Compassion: Learn about and experience the concept of self-compassion and why it is beneficial to your overall well-being. Research shows that as self-compassion increases that depression, anxiety, anger, and emotional avoidance decreases.

Optional Class 8: Increasing Resilience: In this class, we will learn about resilience and our ability to bounce back when life throws us a curveball.  We will learn how mindfulness and compassion enhance resilience.  We will learn and practice exercises that enhance resilience.


I proudly serve the Howard County area (including but not limited to) Columbia, MD, and Ellicott City, MD. Contact me to get more information about my mindfulness classes!


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