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Telemental Health (online therapy) is a means of providing mental health services through the use of the internet on your computer, cell phone (or another device) through video-conferencing, phone, e-mail, or texting.  Telemental Health Counseling has been growing in popularity for a number of years.  Many celebrities such as Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, have been advocating the use of online counseling services through T.V. commercials.  Although it might not be a great fit for everyone, many people engage in this type of therapy because it has many benefits.  Here are some of the advantages and benefits of Telemental Health Counseling:

  1. One benefit is that it can be more a flexible way to receive services. There are often shorter wait periods for receiving services and there may be more flexibility when scheduling appointments with a therapist.
  2. Telemental Health Counseling can save time and money because you are not having to drive to the therapist’s office for counseling and many insurance plans are now reimbursing for Telemental Health services (you would, of course, need to verify whether your plan covers telemental health services.)
  3. Telemental Health Counseling allows for counseling services to be more accessible for those who have physical disabilities or who do not have access to transportation.
  4. Telemental Health Counseling allows people to continue receiving counseling if they are sick, if there is inclement weather, or if there is a global pandemic such as Coronavirus or COVID-19.
  5. Many people find that they are more willing to engage in online counseling because they are able to participate in the privacy and comfort of their homes.
  6. Finally, many research studies show that Telemental Health Counseling can be just as effective as face-to-face counseling sessions.

There are some disadvantages and limitations that need to be addressed when considering whether Telemental Health Counseling is right for you. Here are some things to consider in order to make an educated decision:

  1. Some insurance companies do not cover Telemental Health Counseling which means that you would have to pay for your counseling out-of-pocket. You would need to call your insurance and verify whether this is a covered service.
  2. For liability reasons, many providers will only provide services to clients within the state in which they are licensed.
  3. You would need to make sure that you have a private and safe place to have your sessions.
  4. You would need to make sure you have a reliable internet connection.
  5. Online therapists are not able to respond to crisis situations and would not be a good fit if you are experiencing a crisis.
  6. Online therapy is not suitable for those with severe acute/and or chronic mental illness.
  7. Some people find online therapy to be less personal than meeting in-person.

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