"I must be a mermaid; therefore, I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living." - Anais Nin
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"A Woman in Harmony with her Spirit ~ is like a river flowing ~ She goes where she will without pretense ~ and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself ~ and only herself"

~ Maya Angelou

Counseling can help you…

  • Identify thoughts and feelings that are keeping you stuck.
  • Connect with your inner resources and strengths.
  • Learn how to accept and love yourself as a whole.
  • Embrace your uniqueness and individuality.
  • Identify your unique talents, gifts, and purpose.
  • Learn how to embrace all emotions without guilt or shame.
  • Learn how to identify and confidently communicate your needs to others.
  • Learn how to maintain a healthy physical and mental balance.

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“I’m Different. Always have been. It took a while but I have accepted That I am magic… Not meant for everyone To understand. So they question. That’s ok. I will stay in my lane Being all magical and stuff.”


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